Have No Fear, Stain Resistant Carpeting is Here!

How many brands now offer a stress-free solution to home carpeting.

Carpet is a wonderful addition to any home. It brings warmth and comfort to any room that it’s in.

That being said, we all know what it’s like to spill something on the carpet. It feels as though the glass of red wine or cup of coffee is falling in slow motion, its contact with the carpet inevitable. Once the damage is done, the feeling of dread is usually imminent. You wonder if you’ll ever be able to get the stain out or even if you’ll ever have a clean carpet again!

Spills like this aren’t every day, but it’s highly likely that any carpet will face some dirt and other accidents throughout its lifetime. Even if you yourself are not prone to clumsiness and spills (lucky you!), you may be a pet owner or have young children — both of which greatly add to the risk factor. These reasons don’t mean that you can’t have low-maintenance carpet that stays clean, though!

These days, top carpet brands such as Lee’s and Innovia, along with dozens of others, offer stain-resistant carpet options for those who are concerned about spills. Even better? This type of carpeting comes in a variety of colors to fit just about every taste. Now, you won’t feel confined to choosing dark-colored carpet just because it’ll hide stains better.

You may be asking yourself: how does stain-resistant carpeting work? Well, during the manufacturing process, companies apply protective coats of specific chemicals that make the carpeting more hydrophobic and less absorbent, thus more resistant to stains.

Oftentimes, stain resistant carpets are also made up of synthetic materials. Natural fibers such as wool are very absorbent and don’t hold up well against stains. While carpeting made of natural materials have their benefits, they’re not the best choice for homes that are prone to spills and other accidents that can leave stains.

Stain-resistant carpeting is also less maintenance compared to standard carpeting, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to treat stains or care for the carpet at all. Using soap and water immediately after something is spilled is best practice. This ensures that there is no lasting damage or stains to the carpet. It is important to note that harsh chemicals or bleach should not be used on stain-resistant carpets. These chemicals can break down the protective chemical coats on your carpet, making them more absorbent and susceptible to stains.

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