Design Staples of the Farmhouse Interior Design Trend

Some easy steps to take to turn your home into a cozy, rustic dream.

As fall approaches, it’s that time to be reminded of the comfort of the farmhouse aesthetic. While it is good for all seasons, autumn in particular evokes feelings of wanting to cuddle up under a cozy blanket (preferably plaid patterned) with a cup of warm tea.

Have you ever seen the rustically styled homes in magazines and thought, “I wish my house looked like that!” Well, you’re in luck. We’ve broken down the essential elements for what makes up the farmhouse style. Of course, you could always go the extra mile and redecorate your entire house, but these tips are just the basics that can be found in any rustic farmhouse home.

So, before you get too comfortable burrowing yourself under a soft blanket with a hot drink, turn your home into a rustic dream like you always wanted!

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are an essential for the rustic farmhouse look — especially light neutrals. Typically, the wood doesn’t look too polished or manufactured. Knots in the wood and other small flaws can add to the rustic and organic feel of a home. The farmhouse style never wants anything to be too perfect!

A lovely farmhouse-style kitchen, complete with light hardwood flooring! (Source: Nimvo)

If you’re looking for a more polished, modern look, medium and dark hardwood flooring would work best. The contrast between the flooring and the light walls and cabinets feels sleek and updated. Either way, neutrals are your best bet. A neutral color pallet is at the base of a farmhouse design, allowing you to add pops of color here and there.

Republic Flooring European Plus Collection in Helsinki. (Source: Republic Flooring)

Here at California Renovation, we have an almost endless supply of hardwood flooring to choose from! If you’d like a light hardwood, the Preverco Hickory Evian is a great choice. It includes all the knots and rings that give the floor some character. For those that would prefer a laminate option, the Republic Flooring Helsinki flooring within the European Plus collection is a great choice. It also has a cooler grey tone that some may prefer. Lastly, if you’re inclined to have dark hardwood flooring, the Hanover Hills Umbria Maple in Naples is an excellent choice to add a modern touch to any home with a farmhouse touch.

If you have hardwood floors, area rugs are a great way of making things extra cozy and homey! Popular color choices for the farmhouse trend are white, beige, or a light grey color.

Wood Accents

Yes, we know we just told you that hardwood flooring is essential for a farmhouse style, but when it comes to the farmhouse aesthetic, the more wood the better! The more wooden accents you can place around your home, the better.

For example, in the kitchen, wooden cooking tools like spoons and rolling pins are a small touch that can pack a punch. Besides the kitchen, wooden knick knacks or other pieces are wonderful for giving a room a rustic feel — particularly if they are a natural wood color. On the walls, wooden signs are a popular addition to any rustic home. You can often find these while thrifting, but some home goods stores or independent artists on sites like Etsy also make décor that is perfect. If you’re up for (a relatively easy) challenge, a sign is also an easy DIY that you can do at home! Ideastand has a whole list of them here!

Kitchen with many wooden accents and darker hardwood flooring. (Source: DC Interiors and Renovation)

Industrial Accents

Don’t worry, there’s more than just wood that goes into the basics of a farmhouse aesthetic (but it is a lot of it). Industrial accents are also an essential for every rustic look. These can be either decorative or serve a purpose within the house — or even both!

Industrial-style shelving that’s the perfect addition to any rustic home! (Source: Home Depot)

Shelving and coat hangers made of materials like metal pipes and wood planks are popular choices for decorators. They both add to the overall style of the home, but also serve an essential function. Just because something serves a utilitarian purpose doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish!

Other small, industrial accents can be used around the house as smaller decorative pieces. For example, metal watering cans are a popular choice. Many blogs and magazines feature ways you can use a watering for things like dining table centerpieces and vases.

Upcycled Furniture

An old metal bed frame can be upcycled into a rustic-chic towel rack! (Source: Sarah Joy Blog)

For larger pieces such as furniture, upcycling vintage pieces is an easy way to achieve a rustic, farmhouse look. Whether they’re passed down in your family, thrifted, or found at a flea market, many pieces can be repainted and refreshed with new hardware so that they can be used in the home and give a room a rustic feel. Even if you do a rough job on the painting process, that’s okay! It’s all part of the overall look and feel. Besides giving a warm and cozy feeling, the rustic farmhouse style is all about being practical. Choosing well-made products and recycling what already exists is at the core of the rustic aesthetic and lifestyle.

While there’s so much more you could do to make your home a magazine-worthy example of the rustic farmhouse style, these are the basics to get you started! Is there a better time than autumn to get your home farmhouse chic? We’re pretty sure there isn’t!

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