5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Feeling Fresh During the Pandemic

Make your home feel like a staycation with these DIY tips!

It’s not new news. These days, more often than not, everyone is staying home much of the time. Bars, parks, museums, and other recreational facilities that we all used to frequent are currently closed, or you may find them unsafe to visit. On average, people are spending 35% more of their time at home. Looking at the same four walls may get a bit boring after a while, but it doesn’t have to stay that way!

Refresh Your Wall Paint

Over time, our walls can get dirty and roughed up with age. While cleaning them regularly can prevent some of this, it’s inevitable that there will be some stains, spots, or missing paint that a Magic Eraser can’t fix. Keep your walls looking new with a fresh coat of paint! If they aren’t too bad, you could also get away with just spot-treating problem areas with a small, sample can of paint.

A bold new look perfect for any bedroom! (Source: This Old House)

Break Out the Fancy Dining Ware!

You know that china in display cabinet that you usually only take out during the holiday season? Why not get more use out of it! Once you’re done testing out some new recipes, serve your food with your fanciest dining set. This simple trick can help break up your nightly mealtime routine. Just because it’s something you do every day doesn’t mean it has to get boring!

(Source: The Resident)

Rearrange Your Furniture

Sometimes, making your space feel new only requires moving some things around. After some time, you get so used to your current layout that perhaps even moving one piece of furniture can change the dynamics of your space. You’d be surprised at how new your home feels after rearranging all your furniture!

Change Up Your Bedding

We’re in love with this cozy, rustic setup. (Source: Living After Midnight)

Transform a Nook into a Brand-New Space

Repurpose that cluttered closet into a brand new space! (Source: Style and Well)

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